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Wedding dresses

Weddings are special events that most women have dreamed of since they were little girls. Practically every woman envisions her wedding as a magical moment filled with glowing love between her and her prince, beaming faces of family and friends and, of course, that perfect dress to cap off the celebration.

If you are recently engaged then the very first thing on your mind is making that perfect selection from the best wedding dresses available. The dress is the crowning jewel of a wedding and, therefore, needs to complement the beauty of the bride. Not just any dress will do, but it requires being selected according to specific guidelines in order to succeed at making the moment a magical one. The same can be said of evening dresses that wrap a woman in elegance and draw attention to her as she enters and flows gracefully about the event. Such a dress should capture the eye as it poetically hugs and accentuates the form of the wearer creating a vision that is not soon forgotten. If you have an upcoming wedding or special event requiring a wedding or evening dress then you will find the following tips quite helpful for finding and selecting that perfect dress for your special event.

Research Gowns

The first step before shopping for your perfect dress is to do some research. This is particularly important for those who are planning for an upcoming wedding. Learn some of the industry lingo, browse the various styles and designs, and learn a bit about how dresses compliment both body types and the special events for which they are being selected. Various designer wedding dresses and other dress collections as well as wedding accessories are on display at www.oksana-mukha.com for you to browse and research.

Choose the Proper Silhouette

Dresses and gowns are created with various silhouettes that are designed to fit different body types. A dress that flatters one figure may not particularly flatter another. Therefore, it is important to browse photos of women modeling gowns of a similar body type as yours so that you can decide on the proper silhouette that will flatter you.

Here are some guidelines to help you select your perfect dress

Sheath Gowns – These dresses are best worn by women with slim, well-balanced figures since they fit snugly and do not hide body flaws. Sheath designs are the perfect wedding dresses or evening wear for women with stunning figures who want to dazzle the crowds at special events.

Ball Gowns – Practically every body type is complemented by ball gowns due to their full, flaring skirts. The exception may be those women who are quite small or very short as the fullness of the dress may overwhelm such frames. Keep in mind that ball gowns generally require wearing slips or crinolines that help support the gown’s shape.

A-Line Gowns – A bit less full than ball gowns, A-line dresses also fit most body types well. The “A” shape is created by the fitted upper bodice and a gently flaring skirt that begins at the waist. A-lines are good dresses to wear if you desire to hide flaws in the lower body.

Empire Gowns – The waist design of empire gowns begins just below the breasts and falls loosely over the lower portion of the body. Since empire gowns are commonly made of light fabric, they are great non-formal wedding dress selections as well as good choices for casual events or for use in hot climates. They are also great dresses for pregnant women or those with large midsections who want to attend weddings or special events, but still look elegant since they have a higher waistline and draping material that hides the belly well.

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